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‘Motivate and Inspire’: Laura Luv Celebrates Women’s History Month with Alchemical Records

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March is Women’s History Month, and this comes with a reflection and appreciation of women contributing to the music industry. From producers to writers, women have been the arbiters of some of the most influential pieces of art. D.C.-based Colombian singer, songwriter, and first-time Wammie nominee Laura Luv talks to contributing writer Margaret Adams about her background, as well as how her Colombian heritage and women have inspired her music, especially through her newest self-titled EP, Laura Luv, and why the presence of women and female representation is important in the music industry.

Husam Reminds Us ‘What a Cruel World’ It Can Be

Husam - "What a Cruel World" - Album Art

Recent Articles D.C.-based Syrian American alternative artist Husam has recently released his new emotional single, “What a Cruel World.”  “This is meant to be the opposite of the classic “What a Wonderful World,” showcasing the reality that happens in other parts of the world,” he says. The song was inspired by Alan Kurdi, as seen […]