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Riots and Jetpacks Take Big Pharma for a Ride with Carousel

Riots and Jet Packs - Carousel - album art featuring an image of a medicine bottle manufacturing line

Recent Articles New Future /Pop Rock duo Riots and Jetpacks of France release a new track called “Carousel,” a metaphor for modern health care. Riots and Jet Packs – Carousel – album art If there’s one thing most people agree on, it is that people all over the world should expect a basic level of […]

CRRNT Gives into “Temptation” in Alternative Hip Hop Single

CRRNT - Temptation album art - akin to the hands reaching for each other on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, two hands reach out for one another on a gradient grey-black background.

Recent Articles Alternative hip-hop recording artist, CRRNT has released a new single about the lessons learned from giving into “Temptation.” A haunting piano melody joined by a deep and expressive bass line provides most of the character not already found between the lines spat by CRRNT, a rapper, singer, producer, and DJ originally from Birmingham, Alabama […]

DJ O Show: ‘The Story I Am Telling… Rarely Gets Told’

DJ O Show - Photo by Belle Ancell

DJ O Show, also known as Orene Askew, has been in the music game for over 15 years. Her professional musical roots are in DJ-ing, but she recently entered the hip-hop game with the release of her first single. Askew’s passion and driving force in music comes from her being an Afro-Indigenous, Two-Spirit female, and former member of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation. In honor of Native American Heritage Month, learn more about Askew’s story with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including her influences, why she believes it’s important to acknowledge intersections, and the tragic event early in her career that gave her a renewed perspective on life.

The Jumpin’ Sound of D.C.’s Very Own Fiesta: Empresarios Has More Latin-Inspired Music Coming this Year

Empresarios Press Photo

D.C. is quite far from anything even remotely tropical, but fortunately, the capital city is a hotbed of “tropicaliente,” a fusion musical style with Latin roots that has taken hold here. Empresarios has been at the forefront of that Latin sound in the District since forming in 2007. Javier Miranda, the Puerto Rican-born frontman of the group, said that he, his brother, and some of their friends got together to remix the sounds of Latin America but give it that unique capital twist. Learn more about Empresarios’ exciting journey in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month with contributing writer Eric Althoff.

Holly Valance Hit “Kiss Kiss” Remixed by Bklava for 20th Anniversary

Holly Valance smash hit "Kiss Kiss" remix by Bklava cover art

More to Watch Bklava “Kiss Kiss” Remix Album Art UK based producer and DJ, Bklava (also known as Lara Sweeny), celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Holly Valance smash hit “Kiss Kiss” with a brand-new remix and visualizer. While Valance originally covered the song (originally titled “Şımarık” written by Sezen Aksu and performed by Turkish […]

Eksoh’s Latest EDM Single Gets “Freaky”

Eksoh Freaky Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill EDM producer & DJ out of Southern California, Eksoh has been on a mission to consistently make their mark on the electronic music scene since making their debut at the beginning of 2022. An Emmy award-winning film, commercial, and music video director, Colin Pierce has been releasing a single […]

New Single by CRRNT, “The Glitch” Explores Mental Health and Inspires Healing

CRRNT The Glitch Album Art

Recent Articles By The Alchemist Intended to provide some perspective in proximity to Mental Health Awareness Month, “The Glitch”, is the latest single by rapper, singer, producer, and DJ, CRRNT. In addition to interviewing individuals with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, Current wrote this track as a way of expressing […]

Namix Finds Something Special with New Single “Lost”

Namix - Lost - Music Video YouTube Thumbnail

More to Watch The Alchemist There is a childlike innocence represented in the emotive new single “Lost” by producer, DJ, and artist, Namix. Originally from Michigan and now based in Washington D.C., Namix collaborated with another talented songwriter, vocalist, and artist, KWITNY (Peter Kwitny), known as the vocalist for the indie-pop rock band The Kelseys, […]

Bonsai 1 on 1 Meeting Platform is About to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Bonsai Meeting Platform Website - Is About to Revolutionize the Music Industry

I had the pleasure of coming across the story of Bonsai and how their platform provided an opportunity for building a relationship between (then) indie artist Namix and music legend Richard Gottehrer resulting in a record deal. I’m excited to share how creating and maintaining authentic relationships adds value to one another and can have some surprising and exciting outcomes: Web and app-based platforms emerge daily with promises to revolutionize the internet and the way we interact with one another. My introduction to one-on-one meeting platform Bonsai was…