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National Vinyl Day Unites Past with Present

Joe's Record Paradise - Promo Photo for National Vinyl Day 2022

On August 12, the U.S. celebrated National Vinyl Day, recognizing the lasting impact of vinyl records. Phonograph or gramophone records have been a popular music storage medium since the 1800’s, though they picked up the name ‘vinyl’ in the 1940’s when the use of polyvinyl chloride (rather than the previous medium, shellac) became common. Throughout the 20th century, they were the primary method of listening to music. Join contributing writer Jaci Jedrych as she explores the resurgence of vinyl records alongside Jon Lottman, owner of D.C.-based Spin Time Records, and Johnson Lee, owner of Silver Spring-based Joe’s Record Paradise.

Valoramous On The Journey To Find “Something Real”

Valoramous "Something Real" Single Album Art

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill The latest single by NYC-based DJ and EDM producer Valoramous is an upbeat and uplifting track called “Something Real” that seeks to embody that sentiment while also sharing in the journey of seeking. The first few notes followed by the start of the vocals quickly align the listener to […]