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Grimalkin Records is Standing Up for Marginalized Voices in the Music Industry

Spartan Jex-Plex - Profile Crop

Grim Kells is an innovator. Nancy Grim Kells aka Grim makes music under the name Spartan Jet-Plex, as well as being the founder and Facilitator/Executive Director of Grimalkin, a nonprofit organization created “to mentor and support trans and queer musicians, particularly BIPOC and disabled artists, using an artist-centered holistic approach to break down barriers, create new systems and structures of support, and expand the reach of marginalized voices.” Learn more about Grim’s growing reach and impact with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych.

“Breaking Bones” Shows PHEA at her Strongest

Phea_Healing Heart

Recent Articles Electro-pop cyborg goddess, PHEA, is back with the lead single “Breaking Bones” off her upcoming EP, Healing Heart. Full of gnarly bass-driven synthesizers that transform and distort fantastically, PHEA shows a fearlessness that stems from her experience with having an implanted defibrillator. There’s a natural sense of danger in the way the music […]

Showoffpraise Rallies Support To Take His Next Steps with ‘Simon Says Jesus’

Showoffpraise_Simon Says Jesus

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee It takes a lot to stay afloat in these trying times, but Showoffpraise, the Christian Hip Hop MC, is also learning to overcome a debilitating injury. Living life as a quadriplegic after being hit by a car, he has poured his resilience and spiritual energy into making music that reflects […]