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Reflecting on the 5th Annual DC Music Summit

Photo Courtesy of Duke Ellington School of the Arts

The 5th Annual DC Music Summit wrapped up on October 16, with a flurry of fantastic panels, a keynote speech by Anwan “Big G” Glover, performances, art installations, and more. Held at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts, the Summit’s core values of diversity, community, mastery, and service were all on full display, as music workers gathered to share their experiences and insight from the ever-growing music industry. Join contributing writer Charlie Maybee, as he reflects on the Summit with two key participants, major label mix engineer Chris Carter and hip-hop artist and educator, Marc 2 Ray.

DC Music Summit Uplifts Creatives and Develops Personal Connections

DC Music Summit 2022 Broadcast thumbnail

Don’t miss out on the uplifting experience for artists and music industry professionals that is DC Music Summit, taking place Oct 14-16 at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Join Daniel Warren Hill as he dives into the personal impact of DCMS with creative consultant Malachi Robinson and DCMS founder Dior Ashley Brown. Malachi Robinson is the founder of Point Black Creative, a creative agency with a focus on artist development and media production. He also brings his experience to Creative Suitland, and DC Music Summit, and contributes to DC Music Summit founder Dior Ashley Brown’s own creative team.

DC Music Summit Continues to Reach Superior Heights

DC Music Summit Group Photo

One side effect of listening to the music of Dior Ashley Brown is, at least in part, a better understanding of the contagious energy behind the DC Music Summit, the event and organization she founded. Celebrating its fifth year, DCMS (for short) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports local musicians and the DC music industry by fostering inclusion, community engagement, professional development, and networking. Both DCMS and Brown’s music command the presence of something altogether powerful, uplifting, and convicting.

Dubbed the “Hip-Hop Polymath” by the Washington Post, Dior Ashley Brown defines art through a wide lens of intersections and correlations.

Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of July 9, 2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill This will be the last Saturday for this particular feature. Starting next week, you can expect this segment to shrink in size; I’ve committed to sharing fewer of these briefs to focus on better quality writing on my part (the songs are all  brilliant), and so that you’ll have […]

Dior Ashley Brown – The Pinnacle of DC Music on Alchemicast

Dior Ashley Brown joins the Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Without a doubt, Dior Ashley Brown’s is one of Washington D.C.’s driving creative forces. Her accomplishments as a solo artist alone would be enough to cover in one episode of Alchemicast: with Andy Reed. However, this member of DC area super group, Iza Flo, is also the founder of local music business education platform, DC Music Summit, a local nonprofit hosting an annual event put together by an incredible team of volunteers and hoping to offer more value to DMV musicians in 2021.

Join this multifaceted artist and entrepreneur as she discusses influences, Hollywood, food, Nipsey Hussle, why she prefers wine over beer, how some indoor concert venues have been opening up their parking lots for outdoor events to keep business alive, and so much more…including another installment of “This or That?” Tune in as she so beautifully describes what it is like to be an artist and represent the DMV area.