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Jake Knox Pivots Towards Pop Punk with “Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)”

Jake Knox_Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)

Recent Articles Previously known for his work in the genre of EDM and collaborating with The Knocks, Jake Knox is making a hard pivot into the world of pop punk with his latest single “Jake is Dead (Head Underwater)”. Where most of his previous work stems from an electronic foundation, this new track is rooted […]

Madness Rises in Roscoe Tripp’s “When the Stalks Are Low”

Roscoe Tripp_When the Stalks Are Low

Recent Articles The indie rock outfit known as Roscoe Tripp take a brooding trip through their new single, “When the Stalks Are Low”. Driven by the wild dynamics of the ever-morphing bass, there’s a heaviness that carries through the song’s core offset by the gentle open chords of guitars and synthesizers. During the verse, the […]

Dissociation and Flow Mostafa’s Music Video for “y.o.u”

Mostafa "y.o.u" Album Art

More to Watch Independent rapper and emcee, Mostafa, takes an emotional journey in his latest music video for “y.o.u”. Having been a standby witness to a loved one’s mental deterioration, he recounts his experience and the feeling of helplessness as a friend gradually became a stranger. Taking a stoic approach, the opening shots see Mostafa […]

Cynthia Angelica Reaches for Hope in Music Video for “Flatline”

Cynthia Angelica_Flatline

More to Watch Maryland-based spiritual pop musician, Cynthia Angelica, is back with a personal story in her latest single “Flatline”. Written several years ago in the wake of a mass shooting, she marks a moment of suspended anxiety about whether her sister, who was in the vicinity at the time of the shooting, had made […]

Seven Purple Tigers Break Through the Noise in “Smoke Communiqué”

Seven Purple Tigers_Smoke Communiqué

Recent Articles Indie rock outfit, Seven Purple Tigers, are clearing the smog with their latest single “Smoke Communiqué” which shows off a laidback, contemplative composition against the wails of singer, Austin Horn. For fans of Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, or even Arctic Monkeys, this song takes a passive continental philosophy and terraforms it into […]

Grant Knoche Steps into the Light for “FIRST HELLO”

Grant Knoche "FIRST HELLO" Album Art

Recent Articles Grant Knoche is scratching the final name off of his “coming out” list with his latest single “FIRST HELLO”. With big busts of bass interspersed around a calm ethereal synth pop ballad, he channels the best of dubstep and EDM while staying true to his more alternative pop roots. “I recently came out […]

Yasmeen is Getting to Know Herself Again in “Stranger”

Yasmeen "Stranger" Cover Art

Recent Articles Yasmeen – “Stranger” Album Art New York based indie pop musician, Yasmeen, is still figuring out new things about herself in her new single “Stranger” which proceeds the release of her upcoming debut album, Marina Del Ray. Driven by breathy vocals and long, sustained chords on the piano, she finds herself evolving into […]