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Artists from the DMV and Beyond Reflect on Motherhood

Holly Montgomery Headshot

Mothers and mother figures in our lives make an indelible impression. For many of us, these powerful women embody strength, resilience, and unconditional love – while creating a better world in the process.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Alchemical Records connected with artists from across the DMV and beyond who balance double duty in their responsibility as mothers and creatives with grace. Learn the one word the artists use to describe motherhood, how their music has been influenced by their parenting role, advice to their younger self, and what a perfect Mother’s Day looks like – well, at least as perfect as can be.

2021 Year in Review: A Message from Alchemical Records

Alchemical Records

As Alchemical Records prepares to close out 2021, the team would like to extend our thanks to the many artists and creatives who partnered with us to make this year one of our best yet. Despite another challenging year for the music industry and the world at large, DMV artists found innovative ways to channel their energy into inspiring others through music, reminding us that we are not alone in this journey. Join the Alchemical Records team as they reflect on a few of their favorite moments of 2021 (out of many).

Brazilian Artist Rafael Pondé: ‘Don’t Try to Live According to What or Who Other People Believe that You Are’

Rafael Pondé

Salvador, Brazil-born and Washington, D.C.-based artist Rafael Pondé is a visionary. Engaging in conversation with him feels like reconnecting with a dear friend. You leave inspired by his depth of perspective and sensitivity to the people and places that surround him. Learn more about Rafael Pondé’s fascinating journey with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including what identity means to him as a Brazilian artist, the best piece of advice he’s been given, and the one thing he’s never shared about his great uncle, legendary composer Humberto Porto.

Velu Ochoa – A Masterful Fusion

Velu Ochoa of DeSanguashington on Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Velu Ochoa is the lead vocalist for DeSanguashington, a Colombian American band from Washington D.C, that fuses traditional Colombian folk music with rock and pop. The band likes to create opportunities for fans to experience the music and learn more about the culture of Latin music. She talks about her transition from Colombia to the United States, joining DeSanguashington, and contributing to the continued growth of the band which would provide opportunities to perform at The Kennedy Center, Howard Theater, and with The Smithsonian. The band would also be the recipient of the 2021 Washington Area Music Award (or Wammie) for Best Latin Artist/Group.

Velu shares DeSanguashington’s collaborative songwriting process with fellow band members Richard and Dan, recording music at American University. She shares how the band prioritizes lyrics, melody, and percussion to achieve a modern vibe blended with sounds that are rooted in Salsa, Champeta, and Merengue. Velu joins Andy for another edition of “This or That” and why coffee is preferred over Red Bull, shares her personal musical influences, and what it means to her to be a musician representing the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region.