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SISTERS: Debut Album “Leecheater” is “A Tour-De-Force”

Jason Blackmore and Mario Quintero of Sisters

Recent Articles “A Tour-De-Force of Heavy, Atmospheric Rock” Jason Blackmore (guitar, bass, vox) from Molly McGuire and Mario Quintero (drums, guitar, vox) from Spotlights have combined forces with their new band SISTERS, whose debut album Leecheater was released on Aug. 25. Jason Blackmore (left) and Mario Quintero (right) of Sisters, Photo by Chad Kelco SISTERS […]

A New Fixation on Now After Nothing

Now After Nothing

If you’re looking for darker industrial vibes with a hint of shoegaze, you needn’t look any further than Now After Nothing. After sprinting out of the gate with “Sick Fix,” Matt Spatial and company keep their eyes fixed on the future with big plans and bigger sounds. What started out as a solo project has now accumulated into a darkwave duo with Michael Allen helming the echoing, doom-filled drums. With the additional expertise of sound engineers, John Davis (U2, Joan Jett) and Carl Glanville (Placebo, JAMC, Suede), filling out their brooding and ferocious sound, Now After Nothing is poised to become mainstays in the realm of electronic hard rock. Learn more with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

New Single “Freak Show” by Jenny Kath Summons the Spirits of 90s Alt Rock

Jenny Kath Freak Show Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Drawing upon influences from Alternative Rock icons from the 1990s, Jenny Kath’s latest single “Freak Show” taps into everything you could possibly love about the music and lyrics of Nirvana, Hole, Kurt Kobain, and Courtney Love combined. “Freak Show” incorporates a Deftones-like wall of sound with the vocal delivery […]

Brutal Sentimentalism in Design Flaw’s New Single ‘Silence’

Design Flaw Silence

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Washington, D.C.-based hardcore band, Design Flaw, have released their new single “Silence,” which stands in stark contrast to its musical contents. Against the ceaseless crashing of drums and cymbals, the echoing guitar feels like a hurricane of ambient sound that could destroy the sturdiest of buildings. The immense and cathartic […]