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Ayoni Captivates with New Single “Before I Prosper”

Ayoni_Before I Prosper

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Los Angeles based electro-pop musician, Ayoni, continues to tease her new upcoming EP with the new single, “Before I Prosper”. Within the first moments, the virtuoso vocalist will have you captivated with only a few notes. There’s no want or need to escape it even as the song continually transforms […]

Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of July 2, 2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Enjoying another holiday weekend here at Alchemical Records, and hope you are enjoying yours! Here’s some new music of exceptional quality to get you through the 4th of July weekend. There’s a little something for everyone here, and without a doubt a reminder of the outstanding artists and music […]

Jay Ives Lets His “Freak” Flag Fly with New Single

Jay Ives_Freak

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee New York based electro pop singer-songwriter, Jay Ives, is letting his freak flag fly with his latest single “Freak” which flutters with plentiful amounts of stuttering tremolo effects. There is a sense of lamentation that comes through the lyrics like Ives has been ditched by someone who was once a […]

Cris Gunther Remixes “Compass Love” for Dancing at the Club

Cris Gunther_Compass Love (CLUB REMIX)

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee C-GUN, also known as Cris Gunther, is here to provide a night of endless dancing and fun with his new single “Compass Love (CLUB REMIX)”. Perfect for parties or a night at the club, this is a summer jam that keeps the good vibes flowing. “Let love be your compass […]

Graffiti Welfare Guides a Meditative Journey with “DejaBlue”

Graffiti Welfare_DejaBlue

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee With the release of Resolving Shores looming on the horizon, electro pop musician, Graffiti Welfare (aka George Lattimore) has released one last moody single, titled “DejaBlue”, to signal its impending arrival. With vocals that feel more like gentle gasps, this is a song that revels in a delicate state […]

CJ Wiley Can’t Let Go in “All Our Love”

CJ Wiley_All Our Love

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Canadian singer-songwriter, CJ Wiley, is wrapped up in their feelings with the new single “All Our Love”. Musically, it merges a folk heart with indie rock drive and manages something that feels large, warm, and homey. Diving right in with a drum beat that says, “I’m on a mission”, Wiley […]

Barney Cortez Gets an Energy Boost with New Single ‘Protein’

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Philadelphia based indie rocker, Barney Cortez, is back with a new single titled “Protein” which brings contemporary guitar tones and synthesizers to a ballad-like song feels like a mesh between Cage the Elephant and Bruce Springsteen. “It’s just about freedom,” Cortez says. “The exhilaration of moving from city to city […]

Between Seduction and Depression in ‘Violin’ by Ike Rhein

Ike Rhein_Violin

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Miami based alternative R&B singer and rapper, Ike Rhein, has returned with his second single of year, a moody track titled “Violin.” Along with the track, he has also released a brand-new music video that sways in somber blue tones. Building on a discography of songs primarily focused on […]

Gaba Groove Music Brings Family Fun with Music Video for “She Wan My Love”

Gaba Groove Music_She Wan My Love

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Orange County based reggae musician, Gaba Groove Music, has released a brand-new single “She Wan My Love” along with a fun, cute new music video alongside it. Featuring his adorable daughter, Skylie, this is clearly a song that leans into the familial love. The video records a fun day […]