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Murray A. Lightburn Speaks To and About His Late Father in “Dumpster Gold”

Murray Lightburn_Dumpster Gold

Recent Articles Singer-songwriter, Murray A. Lightburn, takes a sentimental journey through the relationship he had with his father in his latest single “Dumpster Gold”, the leading single off his upcoming album Once Upon A Time in Montréal. Written as a biopic of his father’s life, this new song (as well as the entire album) acts […]

Getting to Know DC’s Queen of Blues: Carly Harvey

Carly Harvey 1

It is always a pleasure to sit down and chat with artists who understand how to contextualize themselves, which was my experience with D.C.’s proclaimed Queen of the Blues, Carly Harvey. When I heard her talk about her musical upbringing, there was a clear, deep love and reverence for the cultural roots of all the genres that she has employed over the course of her career to date. As a representative of D.C.’s blues scene (and music scene in general), she recognizes that her music is not just about her as an artist in an isolated moment of time, but that she contributes to, and stands upon, a historical foundation that is rich with potential.