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Nostalgia and Decay Fuel elison’s Latest Single “Fruit Flies”

elison_Fruit Flies

Recent Articles Des Moines, Iowa-based indie dream pop duo, Marissa Kephart and Scott Yoshimura (collectively known as elison), take a critical view of rose-tinted nostalgia in their latest single “Fruit Flies”. Using New Year’s Eve as a cyclical structure of resolution that comes and goes each year, they dive into a cycle of death and […]

Railgun Recruits Outerloop’s Taisha Estrada for New Single “Yo Sansón Tú Dalilia”

Railgun x Taisha Estrada “Yo Sansón Tú Dalilia”

Recent Articles Richmond-based punk band, Railgun, has teamed up with the powerhouse vocalist, Taisha Estrada, from the D.C. post-punk band Outerloop for their latest flamenco-tinged single “Yo Sansón Tú Dalilia”. Sung entirely in Spanish, the lyrics point towards a love story in decay with Estrada taking center stage as the heart of music. After coming […]