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Cinema Stereo: ‘We Just Make The Music That Excites Us’

Cinema Stereo - Press Photo

Most people remember Jumanji: a family-friendly action film featuring the late Robin Williams about a cursed board game that traps its players in a magical and terrifying reality. Like the world of Jumanji, Cinema Stereo is creating a new world through their music. Dive into the world of Orlando-based rockers, Cinema Stereo, with contributing writer, Margaret Adams, as the band releases their debut album; the band’s plentiful and diverse influences, including Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Bowie, and The Doors; and their desire to immerse their audiences in a world full of 80’s-and-70’s-inspired sounds.

Emo Trio Fieldrush: ‘We Were Working to Get the Most Out of Not Just Our Songs, But Also Ourselves’

Fieldrush - Photo by Nick Brandau

San Diego-based emo trio Fieldrush named their band after a desert plant, specifically, a weed that can withstand harsh conditions. Given that the band was established during the height of the pandemic, the name feels fitting. Fieldrush’s high-energy compositions, carefree attitude, and introspective songwriting position the band as an unmistakable rising act. Learn more about Fieldrush’s exciting story, including how the band’s cultural diversity informs their creative process, their favorite memory of the D.C. area, and what audiences can expect from their forthcoming debut EP, Fundamentals.

Honeymack Swings Between Frenzy and Leisure with Debut Single “Moonsong”


Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Louisville, Kentucky based indie soul band, Honeymack, has released their debut single “Moonsong” which brings funky bass rhythms and breakneck drumming speed beneath ethereal guitars and synthesizers. The electric drive of this song is undeniable, and the complexity of the rhythm section allows the more melodic elements of the song […]

Travel to “The Land of Make Believe” with Unity for the Outcasts

Recent Articles By Maura Marcellino Earlier this month, a local 5-piece alternative rock band that has been on my personal radar for months, Unity for The Outcasts, released their rockin new five-track EP, “The Land of Make Believe.” I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at The Pocket in November and became excited for […]

Sandman Sleeps Releases Mesmerizing Debut Album, ‘Crisis Actor’

Sandman Sleeps "Crisis Actor"

Recent Articles By Emma Page Alternative/indie rock band Sandman Sleeps’ debut album, Crisis Actor, released on March 26, is reminiscent of all the good elements of the ’90s rock icons that we know and love – inspired by the Pixies, Kate Bush, Talking Heads, and Tori Amos, “yet not sounding like any of these – […]

Darcy Doe Dreads the Future in ‘Burn Me Down’

Darcy Doe "Burn Me Down"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych A dreamy blend of dark synths and sweet lyrics, Darcy Doe’s single “Burn Me Down” dropped on March 18. “Burn Me Down” is their debut single, serving as an introduction to the world of music. Their electro-indie-pop music melds known sounds with new perspectives, creating a sound that feels familiar […]

Take Time For Yourself with SEKI’s Debut Single ‘Need A Moment’

SEKI_Need A Moment

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee New Thai electro-pop musician, SEKI, recently released his moody and groovy debut single, “Need A Moment,” on March 17. With upbeat lyrics that lean toward positivity, there’s a message of living in the moment that has become important in this pandemic era. Taking a page from artists like the 1975 […]

ASHERAH Explores Certainty of Change with Stunning Debut EP, ‘Ephemeral’

ASHERAH "Ephemeral"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On March 11, Miami, Florida-based electronic pop artist ASHERAH released her debut 4-track EP, Ephemeral, which “tells a highly personal tale of the grief process through shimmering sound design and haunting vocals.” The stunning collection of songs is otherworldly and transformative, guiding listeners through the abyss to higher ground. ASHERAH, […]

Duhon Says ‘Hello’ Again to Fans

Duhon "Hello"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych “From the very first moment Duhon stepped up to the mic, he’s been making that motherfucker work overtime while he sets fire to the bars with his wildly versatile and dynamic sound,” self-describes Duhon. His latest track epitomizes this sentiment, and is one not to be missed. He takes pride […]

Allie Wilding’s ‘The Love-Chord’ Strikes Home

Allie Wilding "The Love-Chord"

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill reading of Alchemical Records content provides a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. Making her studio recording debut, Washington D.C. educator and saxophonist Allie […]