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Nashville Rockers, Lost Hearts, Release Debut Single, ‘Hate Yourself’

Lost Hearts - Hate Yourself

More to Watch On March 31, Nashville-based rockers, Lost Hearts, released their debut single, “Hate Yourself.” The arena-ready banger explores a toxic love-hate relationship in which breaking free and remaining entangled both come at a cost. “Do you hate yourself for loving me as much as I loved you?” vocalist Matt Frye sings in the […]

Gothic Western Rock Duo Hematite: ‘Life Is Constant Movement, You Just Have to Decide What Direction to Go’

Hematite - Press Photo - Courtesy of the Artist

On March 31, gothic Western rock duo Hematite released their debut EP. The one-of-a-kind collection takes listeners across the frontier on a wild journey of discovery and redemption, ultimately arriving at the realization that the past, present, and future are interconnected and evolving. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with two of the rock scene’s greatest gems, Davey Muise and Andrew Gaultier, to discuss the vision behind their new direction, the most important takeaway they want listeners to gain from their EP, and what survival and rebirth look like during challenging seasons.

Now After Nothing Find a “Sick Fix” in Debut Single

Now After Nothing_Sick Fix

More to Watch Atlanta-based darkwave duo, Now After Nothing, make their mark with the electric brooding of their debut single “Sick Fix”. Full of gothic vibes á la Bauhaus and The Cure, they manage a nice balance of electronic sounds against more traditional rock band set up. There’s an industrial feel the band’s approach that […]

ISHAN: ‘Something Beyond What We Understand Guides the Artist through this Mess that Is Life’

ISHAN - Press Photo - Marcello Anthony

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter ISHAN discovered a love for music at the age of 15 during rehabilitation for spinal fusion surgery. The emerging talent and compelling lyricist has been honing his skills ever since, marking his official entrance to the music scene in late 2022 with his debut single, “Go,” which appeals to fans of Ed Sheeran. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she sits down with ISHAN to discuss his musical influences; how his diverse Indian, Swiss, and Catalan roots inform his worldview; why Baltimore is on his bucket list of places to visit; and the reason he has learned to co-exist with fear.

Emo Trio Fieldrush: ‘We Were Working to Get the Most Out of Not Just Our Songs, But Also Ourselves’

Fieldrush - Photo by Nick Brandau

San Diego-based emo trio Fieldrush named their band after a desert plant, specifically, a weed that can withstand harsh conditions. Given that the band was established during the height of the pandemic, the name feels fitting. Fieldrush’s high-energy compositions, carefree attitude, and introspective songwriting position the band as an unmistakable rising act. Learn more about Fieldrush’s exciting story, including how the band’s cultural diversity informs their creative process, their favorite memory of the D.C. area, and what audiences can expect from their forthcoming debut EP, Fundamentals.

Alexandra John is “Strung Out” in New Music Video

Alexandra John "Strung Out" Music Video Art

More to Watch San Francisco-born duo Alexandra John explores the exhausting cycle of toxic relationships in their new music video for “Strung Out.” The video accompanies the single, which is the second single to be released from their debut EP.  To Alexandra John, music is a family affair; Alexandra John is the brainchild of twins […]

Sam Feinstein Finds Himself “Chasing the Bull” in New Single

Sam Feinstein "Chasing the Bull" Album Art

Recent Articles San Jose, CA-based singer and songwriter, Sam Feinstein, has released his debut single, “Chasing the Bull.” With influences such as James Brown and Tom Waits, this new jazzy single introduces a new take on the intersection of singer-songwriter, jazz, and soul music.  The Massachusets-native has certainly acquired an electric group of influences over […]

Gloomer Seeks to Rekindle Stale Relationship with Debut Single, ‘Drumjoy’

Gloomer - Photo by Cassie Hunter

More to Watch By Cynthia Gross On June 28, Los Angeles-based shoegaze project Gloomer released their debut single, “Drumjoy,” a brilliant experimental track that explores the grips of a fraying relationship one cannot seem to escape although it is no longer working. “This song was originally 5 or 6 minutes long with way more different […]

Cartier Dré Is On His Grind With Debut “No Sleep”

Cartier Dré Album Art "No Sleep"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Miami-based hip hop artist Cartier Dré has released his new single “No Sleep,” introducing his new era of working hard and playing harder. This is Dré’s debut single launching him into the center of the hip hop/pop genre. Inspired by artists like Kanye West, Drake and Kid Cudi, Cartier Dré […]

Darcy Doe Dreads the Future in ‘Burn Me Down’

Darcy Doe "Burn Me Down"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych A dreamy blend of dark synths and sweet lyrics, Darcy Doe’s single “Burn Me Down” dropped on March 18. “Burn Me Down” is their debut single, serving as an introduction to the world of music. Their electro-indie-pop music melds known sounds with new perspectives, creating a sound that feels familiar […]