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5th of Four Isn’t Holding Back With Debut LP, Hold on Tight

A shot of DC-based rock band 5th of Four performing live on stage.

Recent Articles DC’s 5th of Four highlights their collective strengths as a band with the release of their debut album, Hold on Tight. 5th of Four Performing Live – Photo courtesy of the artist. Formed back in 2021 in Falls Church, VA, DC-based rock band 5th of Four quickly built a faithful following of fans […]

Hardcore Quintet Detachment Release Visceral Debut Album

Hardcore band Detachment poses for a seated promo photo.

Long Island hardcore quintet Detachment discuss their debut album, what it takes to make it as an independent artist, and memories of the D.C. area.
On Oct. 13, Long Island hardcore band Detachment released their debut album, Lack. The 10-track project, which features standout singles “Slug” and “BackBreaker,” delivers an immediate adrenaline rush from the very first blistering note to the last, creating a piercing lens under which to examine issues ranging from mental health to the search for meaning.

Join Alchemical Records as they connect with Detachment to discuss how Lack differs from the band’s previous work, the most important message behind the project, strategies the band uses to make their shows an experience that feels “worth it” for fans, and Detachment’s most memorable moments the D.C. area (one of which involves a guy falling off of a speaker at a festival).

SISTERS: Debut Album “Leecheater” is “A Tour-De-Force”

Jason Blackmore and Mario Quintero of Sisters

Recent Articles “A Tour-De-Force of Heavy, Atmospheric Rock” Jason Blackmore (guitar, bass, vox) from Molly McGuire and Mario Quintero (drums, guitar, vox) from Spotlights have combined forces with their new band SISTERS, whose debut album Leecheater was released on Aug. 25. Jason Blackmore (left) and Mario Quintero (right) of Sisters, Photo by Chad Kelco SISTERS […]

Living Pictures is “Crossing the Bridge” with Debut Album

Living Pictures - Crossing the Bridge Album Art - depicting a kind of visual illusion in the shape of a home or house.

Recent Articles Portland and D.C.-based duo Living Pictures have released their debut electronic album, Crossing the Bridge. Living Pictures – Crossing the Bridge album art Portland and D.C.-based duo Living Pictures consists of driven artists and multi-instrumentalists Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault, who have recently released their debut electronic album, Crossing the Bridge.  In Crossing […]

Gothic Western Rock Duo Hematite: ‘Life Is Constant Movement, You Just Have to Decide What Direction to Go’

Hematite - Press Photo - Courtesy of the Artist

On March 31, gothic Western rock duo Hematite released their debut EP. The one-of-a-kind collection takes listeners across the frontier on a wild journey of discovery and redemption, ultimately arriving at the realization that the past, present, and future are interconnected and evolving. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with two of the rock scene’s greatest gems, Davey Muise and Andrew Gaultier, to discuss the vision behind their new direction, the most important takeaway they want listeners to gain from their EP, and what survival and rebirth look like during challenging seasons.

American Thrills Seeks a New Beginning in “Parted Ways”

American Thrills "Parted Ways"

Recent Articles Connecticut-based rock band, American Thrills, are making waves with the release of their debut album Parted Ways though Wiretap Records (US) and Disconnect Disconnect (UK). Overdrive and bombastic drums take the reins as they shred through the 9-track collection with a pop-punk flare. The album flies by with each song clocking in between […]

Terra Firma Keep It Real with Live Debut Album

Live with Terra Firma Album Cover (3000x3000)

Recent Articles DC-based funk, soul, and R&B band, Terra Firma, have released their debut album, Live with Terra Firma, which captures the band’s raw, powerful sound from a performance at Jammin’ Java produced by 13 Roses Productions. Featuring some brand-new original songs alongside fan-favorite covers and guest feature from the DC-based Wammie Award winner Jarreau […]

Rachel Burns: ‘Live for the Day and Be in the Now Because That’s Really the Only Way We Can Expand Time’

Rachel Burns - Press Photo by Libby Danforth

A conversation with D.C.-based pop/soul artist Rachel Burns oscillates between joy, laughter (lots of it), and shedding of tears similar to the continuum of life and living. Burns is a classically trained musician, wife and mother, and breast cancer survivor. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross, as she sits down with Rachel Burns to discuss her debut solo EP, “Living My Breast Life,” why she is proud to be a DMV artist, the turning point from despair to hope in her breast cancer journey, and why she believes humor is still the best medicine.

Mar Omin Falls Slowly Through “Little Bird”

Mar Omin_Little Bird

Recent Articles Amsterdam-based alternative soul musician, Mar Omin (previously known as Mar), takes a tender step towards his debut album, Extricate, with the dark, reflective single “Little Bird”. Inspired by intimate journal entries that revealed a cycle of self-hate, the song comes across as a cathartic lamentation that is unyielding in its slowly seeping expanse. […]