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Now After Nothing Find a “Sick Fix” in Debut Single

Now After Nothing_Sick Fix

More to Watch Atlanta-based darkwave duo, Now After Nothing, make their mark with the electric brooding of their debut single “Sick Fix”. Full of gothic vibes á la Bauhaus and The Cure, they manage a nice balance of electronic sounds against more traditional rock band set up. There’s an industrial feel the band’s approach that […]

“Gliding” with Ease through Maple Mars’ Leading Singles Off Their New Album

Maple Mars. "Someone's Got To Listen" Album Art

Recent Articles Maple Mars – “Someone’s Got To Listen” Album Art Los Angeles based psychedelic rock band, Maple Mars, have finally arrived at the moment of release for their new album Someone’s Got To Listen from Big Stir Records this Friday, July 22. The album currently sports two leading singles “Gliding” and “Goodbye California”, which […]

Get Lost in Oceanic Hell with Mares of Thrace’s New Album ‘The Exile’

Mares of Thrace_The Exile

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Brutal and forceful, doom metal band, Mares of Thrace, are here to melt faces with their new album The Exile which has the feel of a mighty ship braving stormy waters. In proper doom style, each song is slow, lurching, and heavy like massive waves on the ocean that will […]