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“To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?” Questions HARBOUR in New Album

HARBOUR"To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?" album art with a skeleton sitting on the floor of a closet leaning against the wall.

More to Watch Indie rock/pop band HARBOUR from Cincinnati, OH, has released their latest album, asking whether “To Chase My Dreams, Or To Just Lie Down?”  The question that the album title poses is one that many individuals ask themselves, some on a regular basis. The first track off the album, “Sleepyhead” sets the tone […]

Dave Eats Mud, and You Should Too – New Music Friday 12/2/2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles Nature, aggression, and melody had a love child, and they named it Dave Eats Mud and nestled it ever so gently into the waiting arms of DC, MD, and VA. Then Dave Eats Mud released a self-titled EP (in 2018). Then Dave Eats Mud releases another self-titled EP in 2022 and now they are […]

Maddox Jones Is ‘Ready To Be Better’

Maddox Jones Press Photo

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych In his latest single from his “Believe It” EP (available now on all platforms) Maddox Jones’ latest solo single, “Ready To Be Better”, reminds listeners that there is hope. British singer-songwriter Maddox Jones made his debut as a solo artist in 2020, after a long and fruitful career of playing […]

The Collection Forges Ahead with ‘Won’t Stop Yet’

The Collection - Won't Stop Yet - Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill “Won’t Stop Yet” is the first release from The Collection in 2022, following a trio of singles released in 2021, a trio of independently released albums since their debut in 2011, and an assortment of EPs and singles released throughout their history. Their indie-pop stylings endear them to fans […]