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No More “Excuses” with Bad Mother Nature

Bad Mother Nature "Excuses"

Recent Articles There is an immediate sense of Americana familiarity in the opening strums of the latest single by Bad Mother Nature, “Excuses”, that harkens to the blues roots of Tom Petty, or Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Along with stacked harmonies that ground a distinctly folk feel, it’s a song that has the tinge […]

Chósta and Jape Create a Thickening Sonic Collage in “That Object Spoke to Me”

Chósta "That Object Spoke to Me" with green and red lighting

Recent Articles Irish electronic musician and producer, Conor Kelly (aka Chósta, pronounced coast – ah) has teamed up with Jape for a new single titled “The Object Spoke to Me”. Full of melancholy and nostalgia, it’s a song that’s far more interested in a feel or effect than it is in structure. The various samples […]