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Young Wolf: ‘Constantly Searching for Truth and Beauty’

Young Wolf composes music

Easton, Maryland native Caleb Lovell aka Young Wolf is spreading his unique sound around the DMV. Learn more about Lovell’s journey with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including why he believes nothing is wasted in creativity.
Raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, Lovell performs under the moniker Young Wolf. His music roots are inspired by his father, who filled his home with music as a child. When he was 10, he picked up his uncle’s old Gibson acoustic guitar. He took six years of lessons, during which he started creating his own music around 12. Lovell didn’t take his music seriously until college. He got involved in school open mics and other events during his freshman year, and released his debut album in 2020 alongside four other singles.

Lovell is very inspired by his Maryland roots. His song “Chesapeake Winds” is a tribute to the shore. He has family in Virginia and attended college in D.C., so the DMV runs through his music.

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