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Kelaska is Doing Her Best on “autopilot”


Recent Articles Connecticut-based singer-songwriter, Kelaska (born Kelli Wright), is back with her latest single “autopilot”. Both nostalgic and melancholy, it’s a song that strikes a chord for those who feel like they might be moving through life at a different pace from the rest of the world. “I was going through a depression when I […]

The Brazen Youth Revisits “Eagle, Idaho” in Newest LP

The Brazen Youth - "Eagle, Idaho" cover art

Recent Articles The Brazen Youth, an indie trio from Connecticut, embodies the true meaning of vulnerability when creating music for others to connect in their brand new third album, Eagle, Idaho, which tenderly focuses on “the early years of an adulthood stilted by the warped reality of the pandemic and collective loss.” This soft record […]

Uncover The Music of Kelaska in “Tightrope”

Kelaska Tightrope Album Art

Recent Articles By The Alchemist Born Kelli Wright, Connecticut singer-songwriter and recording artist Kelaska has just released her second single of 2022, “Tightrope,” about coming to grips with growing up to become a strong, independent woman in the face of so-called ‘acceptable’ social norms. “Tightrope” begins with an understated rhythm and melody while Kelaska begins […]

Henry Louris Still Feels ‘Just Like Before’

Henry Louris Press Photo

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Multi-talented creative Henry Louris is releasing his second track, ‘Just Like Before’. The Fairfield, Connecticut native began writing melodies in the most simple manner there is– humming songs to ease anxiety, graduating to an acoustic guitar as a teenager. Since childhood, Louris has balanced his two creative passions for painting […]

Debórah Bond: Creator, Educator, Inspiration

Debórah Bond

Debórah Bond’s origins are anything but typical. Bond was introduced to the performance arena by competing in public speaking and debate competitions. After not just competing, but often winning, she decided to use her voice to tell a story through music, and the rest is history. Learn more about Debórah Bond’s story with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including why Bond, a New Haven native, considers D.C. her true home, what gives her staying power in the industry, her advice to aspiring musicians, and the role outside of music performance that informs and inspires her art.