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Muenster Releases ‘Muenstervision Presents: Ian’, a 17 Track Hip-Hop Gem


Recent Articles Muenster – Courtesy of Muenster Muenster has announced his forthcoming 17-track hip-hop album ‘MuensterVision Presents: Ian’. The album became available for pre-order on December 31, 2022 and will be released on his daughter’s first birthday, March 3, 2023. A key member of multiple musical projects in Texas, Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, polished […]

Pastel and Nic Hanson Are “Zoomin’” in New Single

"Zoomin'" - Pastel x Nic Hanson cover art

Recent Articles The latest collaboration from Pastel and Nic Hanson, both productive artists from France and the USA, is their new single “Zoomin’”, a funky song about nightlife and the shared energies and connections with others that come along with it.  The song is a catchy bop that is fun to listen and dance to, […]

World Listening Day Celebration with Heather Stebbins

Heather Stebbins performing with cello and synthesizer at Slingshot Festival - Heather Stebbins with a student and synth - Celebrate World Listening Day Celebration

July 18 is World Listening Day, organized by the World Listening Project, in partnership with the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology. In celebration of the complexities of sound, Alchemical Records connected with Heather Stebbins, a DMV-based educator and musician whose work focuses on the properties of sound. Stebbins’ relationship with music began at an early age, where she lived just outside of Baltimore, learning cello, and has since grown exponentially. Join contributing writer Emma Page as she explores Stebbins’ influences; albums, including one that pays homage to her grandparents; and the importance of improv in her work.

Art and Nature Connect in “Clear” by JONO

More to Watch By Maura Marcellino For those of you that may not know, I study sustainability at school and work to implement sustainability initiatives in the music/entertainment industry together, so it should be no surprise that I was ecstatic to receive information about JONO, his work, and get the chance to speak with him […]

Bathe in the Ethereal Mist of Maroulita de Kol’s Debut Album ‘AnasanA’

Maroulita de Kol_AnasanA

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Berlin based Greek musician, Maroulita de Kol, has released her debut album as a solo artist titled AnasanA, which brings a modern tone to traditional Greek music styles. As a classical pianist, singer, and composer, she has reworked the storytelling and culture of Greek music over the last decade into […]

Cory Driscoll Offers His New Album “Eureka Springs”

Cory Driscoll Press Photo

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Having been writing songs for twenty years, Jacksonville artist Cory Driscoll is no stranger to producing music. He formed the post-punk band Curious Animals in 2008, followed by the post-rock band Young Adult in 2012. His solo EP debut came in the form of 2018’s Tropical Depression, reflecting a […]

Friends of YellowTieGuy Spotify Playlist

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.9″] YellowTieGuy has started a project to go through all of the archives and remember all the folks they’ve had the opportunity to share a bill with. This is the list they’ve compiled so far. The band is working on not including as many of these bands on their “Friends of YellowTieGuy” […]