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Artists from the DMV and Beyond Reflect on Motherhood

Holly Montgomery Headshot

Mothers and mother figures in our lives make an indelible impression. For many of us, these powerful women embody strength, resilience, and unconditional love – while creating a better world in the process.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Alchemical Records connected with artists from across the DMV and beyond who balance double duty in their responsibility as mothers and creatives with grace. Learn the one word the artists use to describe motherhood, how their music has been influenced by their parenting role, advice to their younger self, and what a perfect Mother’s Day looks like – well, at least as perfect as can be.

Hasten Mercy Reflects on Complex Relationships with “You Don’t Leave Me”

Hasten Mercy You Don't Leave Me YouTube Thumbnail

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill Released via Neurodisc Records/Global Heist Recordings in February, Hasten Mercy once again flexes his musical skills in his new track, ‘You Don’t Leave Me.’ With understated drums and bass and a minimalist approach to melody, Hasten Mercy broaches the sensitive subject of complex relationships (as if there were […]

Lino Camilo Gets Hyperkenitc Until The Tide Takes Us

Lino Camilo Till The Tide Takes Us Album Art

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill From the first note of “HYPERKINETIC,” you can tell there is something a little different about the music of Lino Camilo. An upright bass takes center stage while seemingly effortlessly becoming part of the rhythm section after a few seconds before diving right into the heart of the song, […]