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Chill to Wash Park’s New 80’s-Inspired Single “There’s Still Time”

Wash Park "There's Still Time" Album Art

Recent Articles Denver-based indie rock Wash Park swings into August with a new, upbeat single: “There’s Still Time.” Debuting with the single “My Best” this year, Wash Park is reaching new heights in their third single this year while taking inspiration from a classic decade for music: the 80’s.  Wash Park’s sole member, otherwise known […]

Graffiti Welfare Makes Waves with “Revolving Shores”

Graffiti Welfare_Resolving Shores

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee After months of buildup, Graffiti Welfare (also known as George Lattimore), has finally released his album, Revolving Shores, which brings with it all the soft synthesized, nostalgic ambience that we’ve come to love from the three leading singles (Be sure to check out our coverage of “Volume”, “Just Follow”, and […]

Bekka Jean Awakens from ‘///shutdown///mode///’

Bekka Jean "Shutdown Mode"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross This Alchemical Records article is read by the author to provide a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. San Diego-born, Greeley, Colorado-raised Armenian artist and […]