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Colombian Pop Band Morat Releases “Someone I Used to Know”

Morat tour dates.

More to Watch Colombian roots-pop phenomenon Morat has released the bilingual “Someone I Used To Know,” “a wistful, confessional collaboration with hit Brit songsmith James TW (‘When You Love Someone’), and announced 2024 U.S. tour dates.” See Morat at MGM National Harbor January 28, 2024. The contents of “Someone I Used to Know” and its accompanying video will touch your heart […]

‘Motivate and Inspire’: Laura Luv Celebrates Women’s History Month with Alchemical Records

Laura Luv 1

March is Women’s History Month, and this comes with a reflection and appreciation of women contributing to the music industry. From producers to writers, women have been the arbiters of some of the most influential pieces of art. D.C.-based Colombian singer, songwriter, and first-time Wammie nominee Laura Luv talks to contributing writer Margaret Adams about her background, as well as how her Colombian heritage and women have inspired her music, especially through her newest self-titled EP, Laura Luv, and why the presence of women and female representation is important in the music industry.

Perro Sombra: “We want to… strengthen the local scene” with the DMV Music Alliance

Perro Sombra walking toward us in black & white

Among the performers at the DMV Music Alliance’s upcoming benefit concert is Perro Sombra, or “Shadow Dog” in Spanish, a Latin rock band.

Daniel Gomez covers lead vocals and guitar, and Francisco Foschi and Lula Neira are bass. Gomez and Foschi are both multi-instrumentalists, even sometimes swapping bass and guitar on stage.

According to the band, “Francisco’s first instrument was the drums, and he was “forced” to change instruments because his neighbors kept calling the police on him.”

Austin Dean Ashford Wants Audiences to Dance with ‘Soulja Healin’

Austin Dean Ashford "Soulja Healin"

More to Watch By Margaret Adams Bay Area-native Austin Dean Ashford has released his second single of 2022, opening the year with a groovy and high-spirited new rap song, “Soulja Healin.” The single is included in the rapper’s upcoming sophomore album, following his critically-acclaimed debut album, Sophisti-Ratchet. Ashford first entered the music community by way […]

La Marvela Is a D.C. Miracle: Colombian Women Honor their Heritage in their Adopted Land

La Marvela, Colombian band

D.C. Colombian band La Marvela performs cumbia, a style of music that blends the influences of Indigenous, Spanish, and African culture—all of which melded in Latin America. Learn more about La Marvela’s journey with contributing writer Eric Althoff, including how the band members found each other in a different country and their thoughts on the importance of preserving one’s history.

Velu Ochoa – A Masterful Fusion

Velu Ochoa of DeSanguashington on Alchemicast: with Andy Reed

Velu Ochoa is the lead vocalist for DeSanguashington, a Colombian American band from Washington D.C, that fuses traditional Colombian folk music with rock and pop. The band likes to create opportunities for fans to experience the music and learn more about the culture of Latin music. She talks about her transition from Colombia to the United States, joining DeSanguashington, and contributing to the continued growth of the band which would provide opportunities to perform at The Kennedy Center, Howard Theater, and with The Smithsonian. The band would also be the recipient of the 2021 Washington Area Music Award (or Wammie) for Best Latin Artist/Group.

Velu shares DeSanguashington’s collaborative songwriting process with fellow band members Richard and Dan, recording music at American University. She shares how the band prioritizes lyrics, melody, and percussion to achieve a modern vibe blended with sounds that are rooted in Salsa, Champeta, and Merengue. Velu joins Andy for another edition of “This or That” and why coffee is preferred over Red Bull, shares her personal musical influences, and what it means to her to be a musician representing the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region.