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The Smithereens Are Due to Retake the Birchmere Post-Covid

The Smithereens - Press Photo - Neil Seiffer

If you smell something rather unusual at the Birchmere on March 17, there’s at least a chance that the Smithereens’ fans have brought them…crabs. That actually happened once at the venue back in the day when the Jersey boys played the famous Alexandria stage. “One of our fans, a longtime fan, brought me a dozen crabs,” recalls guitarist Jim Babjak. “I had them [wrapped] in newspapers, and I stunk up the back! But the band tolerates me because they know I love Maryland crabs.” The Smithereens share memories of playing the Birchmere—and their hopes for a joyful present – with contributing writer Eric Althoff.

Jim Basnight Follows the Momentum of “Early Years” with Two New Singles


Recent Articles Indie rocker, Jim Basnight, has highlighted “the second batch of singles off his September album Early Years: “Leave the Past Behind” and “We’ll Always Be In Love”. Full of college radio rock vibrations, they are songs that demonstrate a pure, straight-ahead approach to rock that has a vintage 80’s feel. “We’ll Always Be […]

Librarians With Hickeys Hit the Mark with New Album “Handclaps & Tambourines”

Librarians With Hickeys "Handclaps & Tambourines" Press Photo

Recent Articles Ohio-based band, Librarians with Hickeys, will be releasing their new album, Handclaps & Tambourines, on October 14. Following the success of their previously released singles “Ghost Singer” and “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”, the pop rockers are ready to share something bigger with the world. Modulating between synth and guitar driven pop […]