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Heyni Solera and Rodrigo Avalos Mix Tango and Classical Music in “Bach en Bandoneón”

Heyni Solera and Rodrigo Avalos “Bach en Bandoneón”

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Washington D.C.-based bandoneonist Heyni Solera has released her album “Bach en Bandoneón” in collaboration with her colleague, Rodrigo Avalos. The musicians’ first album features expert arrangements of classics from Bach’s wide range of iconic pieces, as well as original compositions that honor Bach. While Solera began playing piano at four […]

Breaking Up Storm Clouds with ‘Sunshine on a rainy day’ by sunsets and bad bets

sunsets and bad bets_Sunshine on a rainy day

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Amsterdam based singer-songwriters, sunsets and bad bets, have released their debut single “Sunshine on a rainy day”, which manages a healthy dose of optimism to help round out latter half of the week. With the combined efforts of classical composer David Collier and jazz singer, Sydney Imani, we get a […]