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Foghat’s Roger Earl Refuses to Slow His Ride

Foghat Sonic Mojo 2024 Tour. Fillmore Silver Spring, MD March 9

By this point in his life, Foghat founding drummer Roger Earl has visited quite a few doctors. But what may be surprising is that the percussionist, 77, is quick to point out that many of the medical professionals who have worked on him also enjoy rocking out.

“Nearly all the doctors and surgeons I know, they all play something: trumpet, sax, violin, guitar,” Earl said recently. “There’s not too many drummers that are surgeons, there’s probably a good reason for that!”

Earl half-jokingly invites his surgeon-rockers to join him and the other members of Foghat onstage at the Fillmore in Silver Spring March 9, where they will be headlining the Rock and Roll for Children Foundation benefit for the Children’s Inn at NIH. Earl, the only original member of Foghat still in the band, will be banging the skins behind guitarist Bryan Bassett and other members Scott Holt and Rodney O’Quinn. “Slow Ride,” the band’s 1975 megahit, is all but assured to be on the setlist, along with tunes from Foghat’s most recent record, “Sonic Mojo.”

Jon Tyler Wiley is “Full-Handed” and a Little Heavy Hearted

Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir - Full-Handed album art with a tall tree, bare of leaves, amidst a clouded sky background.

Recent Articles You’ll understand why Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir claim to be a country band that doesn’t play country music once you hear “Full-Handed.” The band blurs the lines of genre between folk, country, and Americana music once more in this deeply emotive and engaging song written about a dissolving marriage from the […]

Point is Ready to “Live It Out Loud”

Point_Live It Out Loud

Recent Articles Norwegian alternative pop band, Point, is back with their latest single “Live It Out Loud” which acts as a call-to-action for listeners to live life to the fullest and not waste a single moment. The song leans into elements of classic rock to go along with its classic mantra with larger-than-life guitars leading […]

Roxercat Finds Treasure in “Pearls” EP


Recent Articles Nashville rock band, Roxercat, brings something new and shiny with their latest EP, Pearls, putting their prog rock prowess on full display. Collecting their two debut singles, “I Changed Today” along with the title track “Pearls”, the EP rounds out with 4 brand-new tracks that are equally as engaging. The EP spans an […]

Escape Ring, Debut Single “Winning the War” for Your Mind

Escape Ring photo w/ digital art overlays of purple green and yellow effects.

More to Watch Escape Ring releases their debut single “Winning the War” containing the joys of a classic rock song “with the sonics of today,” filled with pleasant harmonies and words of wisdom. From Melbourne, Australia, this is what the band sets out to create – a continuation of the genre with their own spin.  […]

Cinema Stereo: ‘We Just Make The Music That Excites Us’

Cinema Stereo - Press Photo

Most people remember Jumanji: a family-friendly action film featuring the late Robin Williams about a cursed board game that traps its players in a magical and terrifying reality. Like the world of Jumanji, Cinema Stereo is creating a new world through their music. Dive into the world of Orlando-based rockers, Cinema Stereo, with contributing writer, Margaret Adams, as the band releases their debut album; the band’s plentiful and diverse influences, including Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Bowie, and The Doors; and their desire to immerse their audiences in a world full of 80’s-and-70’s-inspired sounds.

Luke Warm and the Cold Ones “Devils Working Late”

Luke Warm and the Cold Ones "Devils Working Late" Album Art

Recent Articles Luke Warm and the Cold Ones “Devils Working Late” Album Art Ontario, Canada-based rock band, Luke Warm and the Cold Ones, have released their newest single, “Devils Working Late,” today. The song is an inspiring one, reflecting upon singer Greg Chomut (Luke Warm) and his experience with becoming a father.  Luke Warm and […]

Sam Brace Cuts Loose on Debut Album “Fever & Bones”

Sam Brace_Fever & Bones

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Rock singer-songwriter, Sam Brace, just released his debut solo album Fever & Bones which merges an alternative energy with classic guitar tones that are atmospheric in nature. For fans of Foo Fighters, this is the kind of high-octane, but thoughtful kind of rock that is a straightforward, no nonsense good […]

Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of May 21, 2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill Happy Saturday! It’s time for another installment of our weekly playlist update highlights. These are some tracks that we want to make sure you get a chance to check out, but for one reason or another we were unable to get into more detail about in other areas […]

Fredrik Saroea Brings the Strings in Reimaged Old Tracks

Fredrik Saroea with BIT20 Ensemble Rona Diaries The Chamber Versisons Album Art

More to Watch By Jaci Jedrych Fredrik Saroea’s reimagining of his 2021 track, ‘Bulletproof Vest’, brings together the past and present in a delicate balance. Norwegian guitarist, keyboardist, singer, and songwriter, Fredrik Saroea, has been in the music scene since the early naughts. Best known for his role as frontman in disco-punk band DATAROCK, Saroea’s […]