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Arts Fishing Club Keep Their Eyes Fixed on the Sun with “keep on walking”

Arts Fishing Club_keep on walking

Recent Articles Nashville-based folk rocker, Christopher Kessenich, along with his band, the Arts Fishing Club, keep their hopeful sights set on a boundless horizon with their latest single “keep on walking”. A simple backbeat and a strumming guitar lead the charge with a slower pace but maintain purposeful stride that gradually transforms into a full-on […]

The Vultures Dream Big with “Escobar”

The Vultures_Escobar

Recent Articles Indie rock band, The Vultures, venture into uncharted territory with the title track off their upcoming album Escobar. Built upon the classic trio formation of guitar, bass, and drums, they hold down the main drive of the song as the light vocals dance atop of them with a careless sense of abandon. With […]