Alexa Borden Draws a Line in the Sand with “Not Like That”

Alexa Borden "Not Like That" album art

Recent Articles Calgary-based singer songwriter, Alexa Borden, shares a story of heartbreaking proportions in her latest single “Not Like That”. Inspired by conversations with a former acquaintance who feigned a sincere apology for past actions, it’s a song that channels all of the hurt, harassment, and lies that she was forced to wade through. It’s […]

Jordyn Tareaz Finds Closure with New Single, ‘Can’t Talk’

Jordyn Tareaz - Can't Talk Cover Art

Recent Articles Maryland-based pop singer-songwriter Jordyn Tareaz released her highly anticipated second single, “Can’t Talk,” on September 23. Written in the aftermath of a breakup, the upbeat anthem empowers audiences to create boundaries around anything that does not serve them. Featuring Tareaz’s signature powerhouse vocals against a piano-driven composition, the track showcases the 21-year-old rising […]