S3LIM x Spvce Kid Denounce Injustice with Latest Single ‘FREE’

S3LIM x Spvce Kid "Free"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On February 25, S3LIM and Spvce Kid released their latest collaborative single, “FREE,” which explores the damaging effects of inequity and injustice on communities of color and underrepresented groups. With its melodic flow, the track confronts pervasive societal issues in a direct way that does not relinquish its power by […]

On the Corner of the Mundane and the Magical: The Baltimore Inspired Jazz of Kris Funn

Kris Funn

Baltimore is a city that can produce a variety of responses when brought up in conversation depending on who you are talking to. Outsiders will likely bring up the hit television show The Wire and subsequently get on a tangent about the city’s crime rates. But for insiders like Kris Funn, a jazz musician, composer, and teacher (as well as a Baltimore native), the city’s cultural offerings are rich and full of life. Learn more about Funn’s exciting journey with contributing writer Charlie Maybee.

Experience the Thrill Ride of Yung Kayo’s New Music Video for ‘YEET’

Yung Kayo "YEET"

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Yung Kayo is back with a bombastic new music video for the single “YEET,” which feels like a rollercoaster hurtling through space at alarming speeds. Coming hot off the trails of his debut album DFTK, it’s sure to pull viewers right out of their seats. The first few moments […]

Debórah Bond: Creator, Educator, Inspiration

Debórah Bond

Debórah Bond’s origins are anything but typical. Bond was introduced to the performance arena by competing in public speaking and debate competitions. After not just competing, but often winning, she decided to use her voice to tell a story through music, and the rest is history. Learn more about Debórah Bond’s story with contributing writer Jaci Jedrych, including why Bond, a New Haven native, considers D.C. her true home, what gives her staying power in the industry, her advice to aspiring musicians, and the role outside of music performance that informs and inspires her art.

LaVance Colley: ‘Continue to Grow and Evolve No Matter How Much People Try to Make You Feel Like You Don’t Matter’

LaVance Colley

Los Angeles-based artist LaVance Colley is gifted with a voice that has the power to immediately stop listeners in their tracks. His sound is best described as “the fervor of a gospel vocalist with the versatility of jazz and the heart of rhythm and blues.” Learn more with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including Colley’s favorite celebrity moment, advice for aspiring musicians, and the special message he would like to share in honor of Black History Month.

The Jazz Man Testifies: Samuel Prather Knows Many Styles, but Jazz—and D.C.—Are Always in His Heart

Samuel Prather

Samuel Prather’s musical influences have been many, but none was as formative as the minister of music at his childhood church. Raised in the church and later schooled in jazz, Prather brings a fusion of influences to his critically acclaimed sound. In honor of Black History Month, join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he connects with Samuel Prather to discuss his roots, why he believes D.C.’s jazz scene is underrated, and Prather’s residency at new venue Twelve After Twelve.