Manpreet Kundi Takes It Slow with “lipstick kisses”

Manpreet Kundi_lipstick kisses

Recent Articles Berkshire singer-songwriter, Manpreet Kundi, is back with the new, moody single “lipstick kisses”. Channeling some melancholy dream pop vibes, her breathy vocals hang drearily against an ethereal backdrop of synthesizers and gentle guitar. “I wrote ‘lipstick kisses’ on the guitar, sitting in bed alone one night a few years ago” says, Kundi. “Symbolic […]

Jeff Draco Says ‘Freezing in Hollywood: Sunrise Sessions’ is ‘As Raw as It Gets’

Jeff Draco - Freezing in Hollywood

More to Watch On October 27, rising dream pop artist Jeff Draco released his latest project, “Freezing in Hollywood: Sunrise Sessions.” The one-of-a-kind video production features Draco performing his 6-track EP, in its entirety, from a boat on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay while the sun rises. Audiences experience Draco’s captivating sound in a whole new light, […]

Madam Bandit Shows Off Her Sensual Side with “Lie to Me”

Madam Bandit_Lie to Me

Recent Articles Utah based singer songwriter, Madam Bandit, gets intimate and confessional with her latest single “Lie to Me”. Steeped in haunting electronic bedroom pop vibes, she creates an atmosphere of fantasy and regret tinged with an alluring melancholy. From the start, Madam Bandit’s breathy vocals take center stage with the sensation of someone whispering […]

Yana Rose Channels Introspection in “I Should Just Shut Up”

Yana Rose - "I Should Just Shut Up" cover art

Recent Articles Yana Rose’s “I Should Just Shut Up” epitomizes a recurring thought one can have when it feels like no one is listening, and this new single will make you feel less alone. We are met with emotive piano and Rose’s dreamy vocals; as the song progresses, it opens up to more experimental sounds […]

Isabel LaRosa Brings Video Trilogy to Close with “HEAVEN”

Isabel LaRosa - "HEAVEN" cover art

More to Watch By Emma Page Breakout alt-pop artist Isabel LaRosa recently released her song “HEAVEN,” alongside its video, the final installment to her three-song EP “i’m watching you” and video trilogy, which consists of her other two singles “HAUNTED” and “HELP”. Fans of shows like Stranger Things and horror movies will find comfort in […]

j.paul Laments Lost Time in New Bedroom-Pop Single “Waiting 4 Me”

j.paul "Waiting 4 Me" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Up and coming surf-rock artist j.paul has released his new single “Waiting 4 Me;” the track is j.paul’s second single, following his debut, “Untitled.” Utilizing his trusty drum machine, j.paul has written his latest track about passing the time while driving in and out of traffic on the way to […]

Listen to Music for the End Times with surf wax’s New Single “CEO”

surf wax "CEO" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Kansas City-based bedroom pop artist surf wax has just released his new single, “CEO.” This single begins his new era, including his third full-length LP “HERMES,” following his 2020 release of “yacht club.” surf wax, otherwise known as songwriter Cooper Kelley, makes music described as “bedroom surf pop to combat […]

Erin Vadala Jabs Fun at Relationship Norms in New Single, “Robots”

Erin Vadala Robots Album Art

Recent Articles By Carlos Ramirez The therapeutic nature of music has never been up for debate. Sad? Cry to some country. Mad? Scream to some metal. Happy? Scream to some Metal!   So, what happens when a person training to be a Music Therapist creates? Soothing sounds and lighthearted jabs at relationship norms of course.   Erin […]

Maisie May Gives a New Definition to Bedroom-Pop with “I Could’ve Sworn”

Maisie May Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Brooklyn-native Maisie May has released her new single “I Could’ve Sworn:” this is the first single after the release of her debut EP “Face It” in 2021. Maisie May has explored many different themes in her new single that deviates from her last EP. “Face It,” which has been critically […]

Sleepy Gary Determines Fate with ‘It’s Your Funeral’

Recent Articles By Maura Marcellino This reading of Alchemical Records content provides a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. Always on our radar lately at Alchemical Records, Rockville, Maryland-born and Brooklyn-based, […]