Tiny Ghosts on their Unbreakable Bond, Creative Chemistry, and Defying Expectations

Tiny Ghosts - Press Photo - Graham Morrison

Friends have an infamous reputation for being less than ideal business partners. Indie pop duo Tiny Ghosts, comprised of guitarist Eric Morgan and lead singer Dayan Marquina, are a testament to the fact that one size does not fit all. Defying expectations, the duo entered the music scene in 2020 and has not looked back. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross and learn more about Tiny Ghosts, including the curious story behind the duo’s name, how the band’s broad musical influences inspire their sound, and the impact of Marquina’s Hispanic heritage on her songwriting.

A Beacon School Signals New Album with New Single “Dot”

A Beacon School Dot Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith began A Beacon School in his home studio in 2009, over the years refining the sound as well as the lineup. In the latest single by A Beacon School, “Dot,” the band explores a rhythmic soundscape mingled with spirited dynamic changes. […]