Stabbing Westward Vocalist Chris Hall Remixes “Last Ditch” by Amulet

Amulet "Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix)" album art

More to Watch I had the pleasure of taking part in the world debut of the official “Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix) by Amulet on YouTube earlier today. I’m glad I had a front-row seat for this first release from the band in partnership with their new label Distortion Productions. Originally released last year on […]

Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of July 2, 2022

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Enjoying another holiday weekend here at Alchemical Records, and hope you are enjoying yours! Here’s some new music of exceptional quality to get you through the 4th of July weekend. There’s a little something for everyone here, and without a doubt a reminder of the outstanding artists and music […]

Daniel Bromander Embraces Redemption in Anthemic New Single “Still Standing”

Daniel Bromander "Still Standing" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Swedish singer-songwriter Daniel Bromander has released his next single “Still Standing,” a funk-filled, redemptive anthem about reclaiming your life. With his own experience with oppression and extreme hardship, Bromander celebrates his freedom and triumph in the face of adversity. With James Brown as a reference during production, the funky retro-soul […]

Listen to Music for the End Times with surf wax’s New Single “CEO”

surf wax "CEO" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Kansas City-based bedroom pop artist surf wax has just released his new single, “CEO.” This single begins his new era, including his third full-length LP “HERMES,” following his 2020 release of “yacht club.” surf wax, otherwise known as songwriter Cooper Kelley, makes music described as “bedroom surf pop to combat […]

Jay Alzier Tells Audiences What They Will “Never Know”

Jay Alzier "Never Know" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams St. Louis native Jay Alzier is back with his first single of 2022, “Never Know.” The genre-bending artist utilizes influences from rap and alternative music to achieve a sound that reflects his inner emotions. Alzier has a long history of songwriting, as he started when he was 6 years old; […]

Jenny Kern Wants Audiences to “Feel It Again”

Jenny Kern "Feel It Again" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Canada-native and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jenny Kern is back with a dreamy indie pop single “Feel It Again.” As she gears up for her upcoming EP, this is Jenny Kern’s second of 2022 following up her last release of the single “Say We Tried” with JacobNeverhill. The indie pop vocalist first […]

Eva Snyder Celebrates the Power of Love with “keep dancing”

Eva Snyder "keep dancing" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Nashville-based singer-songwriter Eva Snyder has released her new single and first love song, “keep dancing.” This is Synder’s second single of 2022, as she is gearing up for debut EP in 2023. As a Massachusetts native who currently resides in San Francisco, Synder is able to bring both coasts to […]

Hutchi Charges Ahead with New Single “AutumnBaby”


Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee UK based rapper, James Hutchison (aka Hutchi), is back with a new single “AutumnBaby” which will be the opening track from his brand-new mixtape HUTCHTAP VOL 1: Sugar Dog. Self-described as “a brutal hyper-pop/reggaeton cross” this is a song dripping with kerosene that will have you fired up in no […]

Day of Departure’s Self Titled Debut Album is a Masterpiece

Day of Departure Self Titled Debut Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill In the Fall of 2021, Alchemical Records shared the debut single “And We Prepare for Our End” from D.C. based post rock/metal band Day of Departure, an eight minute long odyssey exploring the decline of humanity nearly reaching total self destruction. Now, with the release of Day of Departure’s […]

igloo two Release Epic Third Full Length Album, between time

igloo two between time Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Dan Bradley and Mylie Durham IV of igloo two continue to impress with a consistent stream of interesting and engaging new music rooted in rhythmic exploration and experimental soundscapes. Alchemical had shared “gravel cadillac” and “lucky in lava” on our playlist earlier in the month, but are excited to […]