Getting to Know DC’s Queen of Blues: Carly Harvey

Carly Harvey 1

It is always a pleasure to sit down and chat with artists who understand how to contextualize themselves, which was my experience with D.C.’s proclaimed Queen of the Blues, Carly Harvey. When I heard her talk about her musical upbringing, there was a clear, deep love and reverence for the cultural roots of all the genres that she has employed over the course of her career to date. As a representative of D.C.’s blues scene (and music scene in general), she recognizes that her music is not just about her as an artist in an isolated moment of time, but that she contributes to, and stands upon, a historical foundation that is rich with potential.

RIVALS: Blurring the Line Between Dark Pop and Rock

RIVALS group photo

RIVALS is an alternative band from Los Angeles that is not afraid to merge scintillating dark pop-rock with post-hardcore, resulting in their unique sound that is sure to hook you in at first listen. The band, formed in 2014, consists of vocals by Kalie Wolfe, guitar by Micket Woodle, bass by Sebastian Clarke, and drums by Josh Alves. Vocalist Wolfe started out in the pop world while “the guys” started in the metal realm, and the band continues to experiment in their style. Learn more about RIVALS with contributing writer Emma Page, including the band’s influences, songwriting process, dream gig, and what’s on the horizon for the rising talent.

The Brazen Youth Revisits “Eagle, Idaho” in Newest LP

The Brazen Youth - "Eagle, Idaho" cover art

Recent Articles The Brazen Youth, an indie trio from Connecticut, embodies the true meaning of vulnerability when creating music for others to connect in their brand new third album, Eagle, Idaho, which tenderly focuses on “the early years of an adulthood stilted by the warped reality of the pandemic and collective loss.” This soft record […]

Token Honey Swaggers Through Slick New Single “Reality”

Token Honey "Reality" Press Photo

Recent Articles Manchester based funkadelic soul pop band, Token Honey, bring fully stacked synth vibes in their latest single “Reality”. There’s a sense of pleasure that slurs the line between casual flings and longstanding romance. Navigating that space becomes the through line of the lyrics which are delivered with a smooth, fluid quality complimented by […]

Listen to Music for the End Times with surf wax’s New Single “CEO”

surf wax "CEO" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Kansas City-based bedroom pop artist surf wax has just released his new single, “CEO.” This single begins his new era, including his third full-length LP “HERMES,” following his 2020 release of “yacht club.” surf wax, otherwise known as songwriter Cooper Kelley, makes music described as “bedroom surf pop to combat […]

Point Lets Their Audience Know “I’m Here”

Point "I'm Here" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Norwegian pop-rock band Point has released their new single “Point.” This is the band’s third release of 2022, following the singles “The Fire” and “Echo.” Point utilizes their musical talent to take a stand and spread awareness about mental health. Their band logo, the crane bird “ICON,” is an illustrated […]

Travel to “The Land of Make Believe” with Unity for the Outcasts

Recent Articles By Maura Marcellino Earlier this month, a local 5-piece alternative rock band that has been on my personal radar for months, Unity for The Outcasts, released their rockin new five-track EP, “The Land of Make Believe.” I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at The Pocket in November and became excited for […]

Discover Mal’s Secrets

Mal Gamblin of Keep Your Secrets- Press Photo

To close out Women’s History Month this year at Alchemical Records we talked with someone who is breaking barriers in the pop-punk genre, Malerie Gamblin (Mal), the lead singer of a pop-punk band from the DMV, Keep Your Secrets. Learn more with our social media director and contributing writer, Maura Marcellino, including her favorite types of venues to play and attend shows. Growing up, Mal always wanted to be in the music industry, but did not know it was something that she could do. Before the pandemic started, Mal messaged her friend from college, Matt, to maybe try being in a pop-punk band since he was in a couple other bands like metal bands.