Atroxity Gets “Super High” with New Single

Atroxity_Super High

Recent Articles The Oslo, Norway based piano man known as Atroxity brings a mix of Elton John style balladry with the theatrical melodies of David Bowie in his latest single “Super High (The Signs Are In The Sky)”.  By all accounts, the song is bare bones as it’s driven primarily the piano and vocals with […]

Frass Green Take Their Time with “Any Better”

Frass Green_Any Better

Recent Articles D.C. based garage rockers, Frass Green, are releasing their new album Buried today with the third leading single, “Any Better”. In contrast to the two previous singles (“35 Years” and “Mural Mosaic”), this is an exercise in expressive balladry that reaches for something better with hands outstretched towards the sky. From the get-go, we […]

“Gliding” with Ease through Maple Mars’ Leading Singles Off Their New Album

Maple Mars. "Someone's Got To Listen" Album Art

Recent Articles Maple Mars – “Someone’s Got To Listen” Album Art Los Angeles based psychedelic rock band, Maple Mars, have finally arrived at the moment of release for their new album Someone’s Got To Listen from Big Stir Records this Friday, July 22. The album currently sports two leading singles “Gliding” and “Goodbye California”, which […]