Easy Sleeper Kick Off a Dreamy New Music Friday

New Music Friday - New Music This Week on Alchemical Records

Recent Articles Easy Sleeper with ties to Washington D.C. leads this week’s New Music Friday with their reverb-friendly chill track, “Dream Prison”. Joining us this week is another earworm by Crocodylus, a funky new jam by Soul Teller, a selection from the new EP by Pet Owner, as well as a selection from the new […]

AZTEC SUN To Brighten DC Venues Once Again

AZTEC SUN - Union Stage 2019 - Good Foot Media - Jeremy Shanahan

As has been highlighted in this publication many times, musicians are some of the most adaptable and resilient people on the planet. However, in the last few years, even the most seasoned veterans of the industry have been put through what may prove to be the most trying times of their lives. The music industry is just as volatile as ever, and life is not easily navigated even without the threat of a global pandemic. For the members of AZTEC SUN, there have been major life transitions since the release of their 2018 album, “In The Name of Everyone.” Houses have been purchased, careers have been settled into, and children have been born. Still, the nine members of this Washington D.C. ‘Funk with Soul’ band continue to create, producing their forthcoming album in isolation (in stark contrast to their last endeavor), and preparing to debut many of these songs live in the coming months.

Ben Tufts: Drummer and Altruist

by Kimberly Shires Ben Tufts is one of Washington, D.C.’s most prolific drummers, having worked with hundreds of artists. Ben’s versatility and easy nature has made him one of the go-to people for both studio work and live performances. Ben has performed a diverse range of styles including, but not limited to punk, rock, funk, […]