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Strangers That Clique Make Friends and New Album in D.C.

DMV funk, hip-hop, soul and rock artists Strangers That Clique release an EP and celebrate with a release party at DC9.

Strangers That Clique - album art - features a blend of cartoonish and realistic elements depicting a cat taking a shot in a bar.
Strangers That Clique - album art - courtesy of the artist.

Featuring a beautiful complement of orchestration, songwriting, performance, production, and general funkability, After Hours by Strangers That Clique announces a future full length release by this DMV band that has been getting the dance floors moving since 2018. The band will celebrate this installment of the album launch with a special EP release party featuring friend and Wammie winner, Night Train 357, at DC9, with it’s “snug basement bar, music stage with dance parties & rooftop deck.”

The EP features songs like swingy rocker “The Heavy After Hours,” the frantic sounds of “Unstoppable,” and the chill psych rock influenced “Magic Mushrooms at the Mall.” Each track offers unique vibes with a deliciously distinct STC sound full of brass instrumentation, male and female vocals, and guitar solos all contributing to the very palpable presence the band imbues throughout the recording.

“Both the band and the album truly encapsulate the diversity of the DMV by seamlessly blending hip hop and soul with a rock edge and bringing together an eclectic group from all musical and personal backgrounds. We really are Strangers that Clique.”

“Magic Mushrooms at the Mall” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Tickets to the June 30 event are available on the DC9 website.

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