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Strangers That Clique Get into The Heavy After Hours

Earlier this year, Alchemical Records reported the release of the After Hours EP released by Washington D.C. funk, hip hop, soul, and rock amalgamators, Strangers That Clique. The June EP was the band’s first ever studio recording, a teaser for the full length The Heavy After Hours coming to all major platforms on January 3 and coinciding with an album release party at Pearl Street Warehouse on Jan 6.

The LP will feature familiar favorites like “The Heavy After Hours,” Unstoppable,” and (our favorite from the EP) “Magic Mushrooms at the Mall.” The lead single for the album, “Throw That Weight Around (Wait Around)” comes out swinging with a music video highlighting the band’s performance amidst select and memorable protests of recent times.

“The full-length album represents the culmination of five years of writing, performing, and recording, and is truly a unique sound in both the worlds of hip hop and live music,” says band manager and drummer Reuven Sussman.

Strangers That Clique is a monument to the local talent throughout the region. The band features an emcee, a strong female lead vocalist, and a tight horn section, alongside all the familiar live band elements. 

The Heavy After Hours is a 10-track roller coaster of a ride emotionally as the band shows their ability to command presence through songwriting. Check out the difference in tone musically and lyrically between “Close To You” and “Make a Call” for a clear example. The LP  is also a beautiful calling card for each member of the band as they not only contribute to the overall impact, but those individual contributions are distinctly heard. Like in the kind of balance found in “Love Disdain.”  

If we haven’t convinced you of how The Heavy After Hours will stick with you in the coming year, then you’ll just have to hear it for yourself, either online or in person.

“Throw That Weight Around” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Strangers That Clique perform with Steel City and Ryan Lucas at Pearl Street Warehouse on January 6. Details available on the Pearl Street Warehouse website.

Daniel Warren Hill

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