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Strange Breed’s “Reputation” Raises Money For Anti-Sexual Assault Initiatives

This weekend, Vancouver rockers Strange Breed share their new single “Reputation”. The stand-alone single follows their 2019 album “Permanence”. It centers around a disturbingly common modern-day scenario of an individual having their drink drugged by date, and being taken advantage of. The single will raise money for in support of anti-sexual assault initiatives. Rainn is North America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization that supports abused, battered and homeless female-identifying individuals. 

Lyrically, the single is clear and concise, describing a disturbingly common scenario that many folks will connect with. However, the chorus offers empowerment, strength, rage and hope through a very cathartic change in melody and lyrics. Sonically, the guitars are blazing, the drums are angry and the vocals are raging. It also features Strange Breed’s first-ever breakdown in a track, which is simply the cherry on top and creates the necessary tension that this song needed.

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