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Stephen Drops, “Stray Nights”

by The Alchemist

“Stray Nights” is the new single from LA indie-electronic artist Stephen, taken from his forthcoming album Akrasia.

When asking Stephen about the song, he explains the song as having 2 layers. The outer layer represents his longing for someone who is so not trying to be anyone, who is so outside the drama, who doesn’t belong in a big city. The deeper layer is the personification of breathing and meditation, of coming home to the now, the heart, the compassion, the total lack of expectation and just pure acceptance of what is. The return to nothingness.

With the Covid-19 virus still going on, obviously the festival season is being missed as we wait out this epidemic safely in our own quarantined homes. This track has a ton of energy, and will be great for festivals once they are back in business. The track builds up to a hook that could be great for some dancing and head banging. Check out the track below, or on our playlist page on our “New Age Energy” playlist.


The Alchemist

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