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Stephanie Mathias’ Hero Side Music Video

Northern Virginia native and mental health advocate, Stephanie Mathias has just released the official music video for “Hero Side,” a song that talks about the importance of accepting vulnerability as a superpower for those struggling with mental illness.

“With ‘Hero Side’ I want to show the world the value of opening up their heart to someone enough to admit they need a hero. We all need a hero sometimes. More empowering still are the moments when we realize that we can be their hero in return, even in the midst of our own battles.”

Stephanie brings her experience as a black belt in Kempo Karate to the production. The music video features fellow Capitol Groove Collective member, Jarraeu Williams: The Man With The Golden Pipes, as they do battle together against an unseen enemy. 

Click here for our in-depth coverage of Stephanie Mathias and “Hero Side” with contributing writer Kimberly Shires.

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