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Sophia Rankin and Benjamin Simon Take Matters Into Their Own Hands and “Level Up”

The Alchemist

With the release of their single “Level Up,” Maryland-based artist Benjamin Simon and Arizona-based artist commit to sharing their love of music beyond the college classroom. The duo’s catchy pop track with call-and-response vibes showcases Simon’s production skills and musicianship, which draws from alternative pop, neo-soul, R&B, bedroom pop, and funk genres.

“I wrote the song with Sophia in three days as part of a songwriting course we took together,” explains Benjamin Simon. “We were prompted to write a song based off of our favorite TV show, and we settled on The Bachelor. After making a demo, I reworked the arrangement and production.” Simon’s influences include Tom Misch, William Bolton, and Rex Orange County.

Modern vocal production, bright pianos, synths, and a sleek bassline featured in “Level Up” will appeal to fans of artists like Taylor Swift who have a wide mainstream appeal. The song’s opening lyrics, “You got me on a rollercoaster ride,” feel familiar to everyone who has ever felt conflicted in the emotions of love. Musically, the upbeat nature of the song suggests Benjamin and Sophia find excitement in the unpredictable journey.

Simon notes that he finds joy in the music making process. After taking a production course in high school, he began producing music. Now a student at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, he continues to explore and fine-tune his passion using free trials of music production software and recording studios offered by the college.

Listen to Sophia Rankin and Benjamin Simo’s “Level Up” below. Follow our Alchemical Weekly Spotify Playlist for this and more great music featured on the site.  

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