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Sneakpeek Reflect On Alien Experience With “Green Light”

Los Angeles-based Sneakpeek put a unique twist on old-school electronic pop with their sophomore album, Scene Within A Dream, which features their latest single, “Green Light.”

A photograph of Dora Hiller and Aric Bohn from Sneakpeek with a colorful geometric background.
Dora Hill and Aric Bohn of Sneakpeek, image provided courtesy of the band.

After releasing their sophomore album, Scene Within A Dream, earlier this summer, psychedelic synth-pop duo Sneakpeek are back with a new single entitled “Green Light.” Featured as track five on the album, “Green Light” is a dreamy electropop number that’s as beautiful as it is danceable. Fueled by synthesizers, drum machines, and a shimmery guitar melody, the song’s ethereal ambiance transports listeners to a surreal dreamland.

Consisting of Dora Hiller and Aric Bohn, Sneakpeek released their self-titled debut in 2013. Though their first album combined the sonic aspects of dream-pop with grungy garage-rock, Scene Within A Dream finds the pair experimenting with a new sound. Sharing a passion for obscure electronic music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Sneakpeek wanted to embrace the styles of those decades with an original perspective. Exploring themes of mortality, dreams, paranormal experiences, and more, Sneakpeek merges the old-school electronica sound with a lyrically modern outlook for Scene Within A Dream. And “Green Light” is a shining example of their unique take.

The cover art for Scene Within A Dream by Sneakpeek. A staircase is shown leading up to a floating eye in the sky.
"The album art for Sneakpeek's most recent album, Scene Within A Dream.

Inspired by an extraterrestrial encounter, “Green Light” takes listeners out of this world sound-wise and lyrically. Warped electronic instrumentals create a celestial atmosphere that enhances the track’s story. Opening up about the song’s meaning, Hiller shared, “I was reflecting on an alien experience I had where I was camping in the middle of nowhere with some friends years ago, where we all saw a bright green shining orb. It circled around us, then flew away insanely fast through the darkness.”

The otherworldly inspiration for “Green Light” makes the track’s astral soundscape even more noteworthy. Mentally transporting listeners to a mystical cosmos on a song inspired by a brush with aliens highlights the deep levels of creativity coursing through Hiller and Bohn. Every detail of “Green Light” was carefully cultivated to reflect the story behind the lyrics, resulting in a dazzling, cohesive musical piece.

Though sonically different from their debut LP, Sneakpeek seem to have found their niche with Scene Within A Dream. And their most recent single, “Green Light,” flawlessly showcases why. Lyrically vivid and sonically vibrant, “Green Light” is a refreshingly modern take on old-school electronic music. And the amount of thought and creativity put into the track displays just how much passion Sneakpeek has for their art.

“Green Light” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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