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SISTERS: Debut Album “Leecheater” is “A Tour-De-Force”

“A Tour-De-Force of Heavy, Atmospheric Rock”

Jason Blackmore (guitar, bass, vox) from Molly McGuire and Mario Quintero (drums, guitar, vox) from Spotlights have combined forces with their new band SISTERS, whose debut album Leecheater was released on Aug. 25.

Jason Blackmore and Mario Quintero of Sisters
Jason Blackmore (left) and Mario Quintero (right) of Sisters, Photo by Chad Kelco

SISTERS (/”Sisters”) “bring the best elements of their respective previous projects together to create something new and menacing,” the band says. Leecheater “is an amalgamation of brooding nuances, driving rhythms, and distorted guitar riffs that distinctly showcase the stylistic fingerprints of both Blackmore and Quintero. Self-described as sonically resembling an old Minor Threat album that was recorded through a Queens of the Stone Age machine, Leecheater is a gripping and immersive listening experience that showcases the band’s ability to create massive sonic landscapes that press the limits of modern rock.”

Previously released singles included “Born Again”, “Through the Cracks”, and “Feet On The Ground”,

The first single “Born Again” consists of Quintero’s strong drums and the band’s heavy rock guitar that establishes their distinct sound and style within the rock world. Blackmore says, “’Born Again’ is a song about sinful evil corrupt people that commit crimes or are just plain bad people that think they can turn to religion and be excused or forgiven for their actions. Just like every other song that I write, the music always comes first and the lyrics, vocal melodies, and harmonies are the last piece of the puzzle. Musically I just wanted this song to be a short, catchy, in your face rocker.” Some of the lyrics read, “The way of the world / The weight of the world is on you again / Make it all just go away / Redeem validation / Born again, it never begins / Born again, it never ends / Born again you’ll never win.” Definitely listen to this song with headphones to get the split sound experience! This would also be a great song to hear live!

Find more information about Sisters here, and make sure to listen to the rest of the soundscape that is Leecheater, especially if you’re a fan of heavy, atmospheric, alternative rock music!

“Born Again” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music.

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