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Ana Galeli Drops, “Stay”

by The Alchemist

Brazilian born Ana Galeli is a singer-songwriter that currently lives in the DMV area with a bent towards indie-pop. Galeli reached positive reception on her collaborations with electronic DJs, Foxa on the Sony Sweden released track “With You” and DJ Wout on their somber and eclectic cover of the 80s smash hit, “(I Just) Died In Your Arms,” receiving national radio air-play in Belgium, 2019. Her sultry low tones blended with a wide range of pop vocals are essential to her melancholic and cinematic sound paired with themes of deliverance.


Compared to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds, Ana Galeli is inspired by Nu-disco and 80s synth-pop based on song-oriented roots. Galeli made her live debut in Los Angeles, CA performing at clubs on the famous Hollywood Blvd. along with performances on USA television programs such as “Get Up DC” and “The 202.” After working with the French Indie-pop duo, Ravages from the renown group, Exsonvaldes , she is expected to release her new EP later this year.


Her newest track is titled “Stay” and it is a great track to get your morning started! It has a ton of emotion, and makes your body want to start moving as soon as the hook begins to ring, “My mind’s made up, I know It’s the only way.” Check out the track below.  

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