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Shem Thomas Wants You to Do It!

In the music video of his new single “DO IT”, Shem Thomas shows people who pursue their passion and are not hindered by handicaps or social ideas. These are courageous people who go their way unwaveringly because they love what they do. All characters in the film are real life stories, not actors.


The young film team “Lumatics”, consisting of Hannah Dobbertin, Elia Grunder and Damian Ruchti, created a touching and visually stunning music video about courage and personal harmony. There’s the one-legged racing cyclist who can’t be stopped from achieving top sporting performances. Or two young women who not only live the “on-the-road-feeling” but also repair their classic cars themselves. A non-binary person who lives free from gender roles. A family man with Rastas, who plays Chlefele (a traditional Swiss instrument) in his spare time and at the same time makes the musical instrument himself. Or the retail employee who turns night into day as a technoid DJane.


We felt that this is a great song for people who are down on their luck in recent times. We loved the overall message that the song conveyed, as it inspired us to truly get motivated to conquer anything in our day! Check out the track below.

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