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SHEESH Network Presents: Big Kahnua OG & Monday Night – Dead Already Video

Mutant Academy’s Big Kahuna OG and Monday Night just released the Dead Already video from the January album Thug Tear. The SHEESH Network directed video features the Duo and fellow Scheme Team rapper 3wayslim showing their grit, with them rapping in front of abandoned buildings and the remnants of a parking station for the archaic Coliseum Uniglory freight containers; abandoned somewhere in RVA. The wasteland represents their reality “If niggas end up going to hell I hope the devil ready, nah I said living in hell, I guess I’m dead already.” They aren’t attempting trying to evoke hopelessness, but Monday Night’s hook is basically just letting people know that they have already been through hell coming up from the projects and it made them prepared for anything.

Director Unlucky Bastards, Editor Toby Bluntz, and analog aficionado vfx artist .oldneon all had differing ideas for the visuals and the final product took longer than they intended, but the final product was definitely worth the delay.

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