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Shane Rennison Embraces Life With Debut EP Nice To Meet You

New York songwriter Shane Rennison reflects on his life experiences while reminding listeners to stay positive with his debut EP, Nice To Meet You.

A photo of indie-pop musician Shane Rennison sitting with his guitar inside of a wood panneled room.
Indie-pop singer/songwriter Shane Rennison, Photo credit: Mike Bloom.

Indie-pop artist Shane Rennison embraces transparent vulnerability while wearing his heart on his sleeve with his new EP, Nice To Meet You. Teaming up with composer and audio engineer Julian Giaimo, who produced the EP and played all instruments except for the piano pieces done by Rennison, Nice To Meet You finds the singer pensively reflecting on his life. Fueled by honest, heartfelt lyrics and cohesively combining aspects of various genres with the experimental creativity of synths, the five-track collection of songs is as infectious as it is relatable.

Nice To Meet You begins with a nostalgic tune called “Cold Winter,” released originally as its lead single. Starting with a soft, sweet piano melody, “Cold Winter” quickly blossoms into an energetic track that sparkles with pop synthesizers. Lyrically, Rennison speaks on rekindling the flames of an old romance but with a newfound perspective of growth and maturity.

Previously released as the EP’s second single, Nice To Meet You then transitions into “Ghost.” A slow, dreamy track that emits frustration and sorrow, “Ghost” is about dealing with the emotions of a dying relationship. Another song that begins with a soft piano, the steady, shimmering bassline gives “Ghost” a danceable funk element while still complementing its overall melancholia.

From there, Nice To Meet You moves on to “Another Chance,” followed by “Drunk.” A mournful plea to the one who got away, Rennison’s rippling keyboard melodies in “Another Chance” give the song an ethereal ambiance that further enhances its emotional rawness. In “Drunk,” Rennison is trying to compensate for feelings of insecurity with liquid courage, his crooning delicate yet impassioned.

As Nice To Meet You ends, so do the woes and worries of the previous tracks. The rhythmic, tropical island vibes of “Temptations” bring the EP to a cheery, zestful close. Speaking on the song, Rennison shared, “I wanted the whole EP to have this melancholic back-and-forth feeling to reflect my experiences. But then ‘Temptations’ comes in and reminds you that, hey … we’re still happy to be alive.”

Shane Rennison and Julian Giaimo are currently hard at work creating his follow-up debut album, with hopes for release in 2024. Until then, Nice To Meet You is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music.

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