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Increase Your Chances To Be Seen & Heard

Since 2009, Alchemical Records has been working to increase the exposure of the independent artist. In our experience, the area that artists need the most help with is in receiving reputable press, but many artists are unfamiliar with how to craft a narrative and place that narrative in a format that publications would be enthusiastic to share their readers; missing out on that vital opportunity to create lasting impressions meaningful relationships with fans.

We are currently offering a variety of services that can help you craft an appealing and engaging biography, press release, and marketing timeline; delivering a consistent message on all your platforms.


This is where it all begins. Throughout this process, we will learn about each other, and you will have more information to move forward confidently with writing and communicating your own narrative. An initial Discovery call helps us learn more about you and determine how we can add value to you and your team.


In this phase we develop a biography, press kit, press release, one-sheet, and other media that helps communicate your brand, your story, and your music in an engaging narrative in a format press is enthusiastic to receive and publish, and doesn’t hurt to have for sharing with the public either.


This premium option allows us to communicate your narrative directly with thousands of other publications, blogs, and press outlets; ensuring your music and the stories behind them receive the highest possible visibility. Our team is also equally versed in creating, organizing, and publishing social media content.

Media Development

Our experienced media team is capable of providing a variety of services related to multimedia development including audio, video and graphic design services, podcast and video editing, show formatting, distribution, lyric videos, cover art, session musicians, and merch design.

Event Planning

Our professional hospitality team can deliver all your event planning and hospitality needs including talent, ticketing, advertising, PR, budgeting, catering, lodging, insurance, street team activation, as well as documentation and reporting.


Wondering how to maximize the potential of an upcoming release, local show, or regional/national tour? Our marketing team can advise you on and implement a professional plan designed to continue building into your next major announcement.

This Could Be Your Success Story