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Sage Ray Wants Her to Know, “She’s Worth It”

The Alchemist

Fresh out of high school, Sage packed his 2006 Nissan Maxima with nothing but a bag of clothes and his music equipment, and made the trek from Charlotte, North Carolina to Huntington Beach, California to pursue his dream. Since launching his career, Sage has been serving in the missions field, singing, writing, producing, and learning to navigate his calling. 


Now 21 years old, Sage has a relatable edge and a resolute attitude towards life and love.  


“Music is therapy for me,” says Sage. “I’m able to set landmarks and then look back and see the process I was in at that moment in time. I keep making music not just because it’s my calling, but also because I hope that I can help someone heal or find truth regardless of what culture is saying.” 


Influenced by artists like Blackbear, EDEN, and Jeremy Zucker, Sage recently became part of AESTHETYK, founded by music industry veteran, Matt Ingle. Ingle created AESTHETYK as a way to offer emerging songwriters and musicians an opportunity for incubation, helping them cultivate a signature and meaningful sound, as well as brand and ethic for a mass audience. 


His newest track is called, “She’s Worth It” and it is one of our favorite pop rock tracks to come out recently. The foundation of the track starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar melody, but the song evolves as Sage incorporates other instruments that give it a more modern feel. Towards the end the song includes a bridge that really shows how Sage is able to really get in touch with the listeners emotions. Check out the track below.

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The Alchemist

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