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Ryan Rickenbach Releases New Video for Track, “Emily”.

Ryan Rickenbach Releases New Video for Track, “Emily”.


Ryan Rickenbach a singer, songwriter, and musician who currently lives in NYC by way of Maryland. “Little king of cosmic folk” is what he calls himself, as he combines many elements of folk and other genres. He has just released a new music video for his track called, “Emily.” The track is the third release from RIckenbach’s upcoming full-length album.


The song itself is a departure from RIckenbach’s recent acoustic releases combing driving drumbeats with wailing electric guitars and dark sweeping synthesizers to tell the story of a femme female fatale that is the song’s namesake. As we listened to the track we found ourselves extremely captivated with the catchy lyrics, and we’re drawn in with the various guitar riffs throughout the song. It has a very motivational feel to it and could be great for working out.

The video itself was directed by Amanda Rizzuto, as RIckenbach was adamant a woman direct the video. He says, “The song is clearly from a very male perspective, and I wanted the visual direction to counter that. I gave Amanda some general points about the song, and she came back with a fully-realized story that complimented the song really well. There was a mysterious aspect to it – we knew just how the story should go, but we didn’t know why. Certain decisions made sense yet the reasoning behind them remained elusive. To experience that was a lot of fun.”


The video tells the story of the songs titular character who discovers a dead man with his apparent female assassin dragging his body on the beach. When Emily confronts the woman, a series of harrowing events begin defining and revealing their relationship to not only each other, but to the dead man himself (played by Rickenbach). “There’s a lot of room for interpretation. I don’t want to steer anyone’s impressions, but every possibility is on the table. I’m aware the blood looks fake. But that’s not to say it is or isn’t.” Our favorite part of the video is the two aforementioned girls going into a dance towards the end of the video, as you don’t see as much choreography in many videos these days. It has an incredible feeling of both beauty and passion.


Check out the video below, and find out more about Ryan here


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